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Joining the GetVapeCash Affiliate Program means teaming up with the absolute best affiliate program in the industry! We are bottom line focused, as your partner, to maximize the monetization value of your traffic. Our state of the industry optimization tools are ready to drive your revenue goals skyward, as our current affiliates can attest to. Online tools are ready to go, from landing pages to banner creative for both desktop and mobile. Coupled with our state of the art reporting tools, our affiliates are smiling! Are you ready to give your personal earnings a boost, our products are ready for your traffic! Your just a step away from successfully marketing our best selling products: Eco-Cigs, Sapphyre, Sapphyre Hookah and Sapphyre Vapes!

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As an Eco-Cigs Affiliate, all that traffic that you refer to our offers at, and that converts to sales (and we are conversion PROS), you will earn from 15% up to 25% of all sales, ongoing, every month.*

How It Works

When you join our Affiliate program, you will be supplied with customized links that are needed to track the traffic you send to our websites. When a user clicks on one of these ads or links, they are brought to our website, and their activity will be tracked by our tracking software. Any sales that are made to the customers you provided to us on any product we sell, you will earn the applicable commission. If they return at a later date to complete their purchase or buy additional products, you will earn commission!*

You will continually collect commission earnings from the sales that your customers make.* When a potential customer clicks onto any of the Sapphyre or Eco-Cigs websites – either through a banner of yours or directly via your personalized link – they are tied to your account via a small file (a “cookie”) our system places on their computer.


*Our tracking cookie is valid for 365 days and cannot be overridden by any coupon or by any referral from another Affiliate’s website. In short, you “own” the customer for a year from when they first arrive at one of our brand websites. This approach ensures that you receive a commission on any purchase made with Sapphyre or Eco-Cigs within the 365-day period, even if the customer buys through another affiliate’s site.

Getting Paid

This is the way we rock your revenue! Our tiered payouts are the best in the industry. With the structure in place that increases your commission 5% for each $5,000 in sales from your traffic, getting to 25% commission and increasing your overall revenue is a breeze.

Commissions are paid once you reach the monthly threshold of just $50. At that point, you receive commission on all the sales you generated, from the first dollar of the month to the last.

You will be paid every 30 days – for the previous commission-tracking period. More specifically, payments are issued once per month, commissions are closed out at the end of each month for the previous month's commissions, and commissions are paid by the end of that following month.

You choose how you will be paid: Paper check: A check will be mailed to you at the address you provide! Wire: Money will be wired directly to your bank account! PayPal: Your commissions will be deposited directly into your account!

Reporting is key to managing your traffic sources. We have made reporting available in several formats and in real time. With triple redundancy tracking, we assure your traffic is accounted for and each sale is tracked in detail. To access the reporting, just log-in to our real-time tracking software, or get your reporting via a XML feed. Through our reporting tool, your sales, account balance, and ad/link performance is made directly available to you.